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Make Cash from Your Trash ; Garage Sale

Got junk? Who doesn't !! If your home is bursting at the seams with little used possessions, but you hate to think of throwing or giving them away, a Garage Sale, yard sale, rummage sale, or a tag sale Ė whatever name you know them by,  could be the answer. What you might consider junk might be very desirable to another individual. A garage sale maybe a chance to clean out the garage and closets, and earn some cash at the same time.  Many of our readers report earning as much as $400-$600 from just one yard sale.  But donít fool yourself that this is an make easy money project. People who make money from garage sales work hard for every cent they earn. No matter what your current experience is, this site will show what the pitfalls are and if you should have a garage sale or other ways to profitably dispose of your unwanted items collecting dust in your attic or garage.


Do You Have What it Takes?

Before you start piling your slightly used but still good items on your lawn or throw open the garage door and shout, ďSale!Ē you should consider whether you are the kind of person who can handle a sale. Are you physically strong enough to lift and carry all those clothes, toys, books, and appliances? Can you convince family members to part with their treasures? Read more

Do You Have The Right Place for Garage Sale

Another question to ask yourself is, ďDo I have a good location for a sale?Ē Ideal locations are in centrally located neighborhoods in town. Shoppers should be able to find your place on a city map. If you live 50 miles from the next ranch, you canít expect the kind of crowds that spell success. On the other hand, even if you live in a busy apartment complex, you may not be allowed by management to have a sale in the parking lot.  . Read More


Know thy Neighbors and the Law

In a rush to make money quick, don't forget to check for special ordinances governing garage
sales. Can you put signs up in the street? Do you need a permit for a sale? Are there regulations about hours for the sale? In some areas the number of garage sales you can have in a year is setóbe sure to check if you plan to have more than one!

Even if you have the biggest garage or driveway in town, your location may not be ideal if the neighbors complain. You may want to check with the next-door neighbors to make sure they wonít object. At the least, a garage sale causes parking problems and noise, but many times neighbors wonít mind and may even come over to see whatís for sale


Make Money with The Right Stuff


First things first: donít have a sale if you donít have much stuff. People are disappointed when they arrive at a sale that sounds good in the ad, only to be met by one or two measly tables of useless junk (if they donít just cruise on by without stopping at all).  Read More

Time the Sale

Timing is everything. When you hold your sale can be just as important as where. Again, look at the forecast, although itís not always 100% accurate, it can still give you a general idea of when the weather will co-operate. The best time to have a sale is spring through fall. Time to make money continue

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